April 26, 2010

Hyderabadi Toast

Hyderabadi toast is one of my favorite snacks. I don't know why this recipe is called Hyderabadi toast, well I never thought about that; I just enjoy making and eating it. It's simple, healthy, takes very little time, actually no cooking is at all required and adds a different taste.

Ingredients: Serves 1

2 Slices of bread
1/2 Capsicum seeded
1/2 medium size firm Tomato
1/2 medium size Onion
1 tbsp Plain yogurt (curd)
2 tsp fine Semolina (Rava)
3 tsp Cream
2 tsp Chopped Green Chili
1 tsp Salt
1-2 tsp sugar
Tomato Ketchup (Sauce)
You will also need a sandwich-maker.


1. De-seed tomato and chop capsicum, tomato, onion and add to the mixing bowl.

2.  Add yogurt, cream, semolina, chili, salt, sugar, black pepper(if you like) to the bowl and mix again. Take a slice of bread and spread this mixture over it.

3. Take other slice of bread and spread tomato ketchup on it and place this slice over the previous one from step 1

4. Now spread some butter on the outer sides of both the breads. Plug in the sandwich-maker and place this sandwich in it until the bread turns brown or becomes crispy.


If you don't like tomato ketchup inside you can skip that step .

Isn't that an easy recipe ???? :)


  1. Sayali, this looks wonderful, very colorful !!!

  2. Thats a Nice and an easy one Sayli..:)
    (you might not know me.. I am Shivani (Nikhil's classmate)..)


  3. hi Shivani, i know you by name. Nikhil often mentions his classmates..:) well thnx for visiting

  4. First of all, Sayali is sweet name.... & Thanks for visiting & sharing your love on my space..... If u had not stopped by, I would have been deprived of your nice & cool space.... & all your yum recipes..... Thanks for coming....I loved this toast.... I love bread basically.... I loved all the preps I saw here..... Hope to c u around more often...... Hugs))))


  5. ohh these look great... a cross between rock toast and russian sandwiches i have on m blog.. i have to make these!!!

  6. Hi Sayali,

    even i make veg cheese toast.. ur version with cream n ketchup looks delicious..
    loved the dabeli n ragda pattice too..


  7. Sayali, now sure why you are having issues with not seeing pictures from my post on dashboard as I have no such issues. Sorry about it.

  8. It would make a very yummy breakfast Sayali :D.. love the name and color too! :)


  9. First time here sayali..Love u'r hyderabadi toast and all other recipes:)

  10. HEY I tried ur hyderabadi toast today... Its easy to cook and good to eat..
    keep posting good and Healthy recipes.. :)


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