June 3, 2010

My Birthday, A Japanese Treat and Simple Paneer Bhurji (Cottage Cheese Scrambled)

Hi Everyone. Yesterday I had a really great day. It was my first birthday after marriage and also in US..:). Kinda different but enjoyed a lot. I thought I should share the eating related part of it with you all foodies out here.
For the dinner party we decided to try out "Boom Noodle" which is a Japanese restaurant. We all knew Japanese cuisine had very few vegetarian options but my husband had already visited it once and so we all trusted him and took the chance of trying something new. After occupying a table we were handed over with the menu cards. Being a vegetarian finding a veg dish really takes lot of time. All the names where new and we started to look for the ingredients.Most of the dishes where having chicken of fish broth. Japanese also make a lot of use of ginger in their food. We could find 2 vegetarian dishes. ThankGod ..."Yakisoba" which had noodles and veggies and other one "Pho Ga". After a while the food arrived. We all were really hungry and the presentations of both the items made it very tempting. Nobody really knew how to use chopsticks and so we had to ask for forks... (I have got one of the pair and gonna practice sometime lol..may be till next birthday I manage to eat with them ).
"Yasai Yakisoba" was spicy and gingerly. The word Yakisoba means fried noodles. It must be an easy dish to make I guess. It had wheat noodles which looked dark brown, must be fried in some ginger flavored sauce. And also had lot of veggies, sprouts and fried tofu. Very satiating it was and what a different taste it had.

Now comes the other one "Pho Ga". I will never order this one again :). It was actually a soup (we were not given proper description while placing the order) containing some kinda broth, long rice noodles in it and raw tofu. I actually don't like tofu and having it in its raw form...no way :). We somehow managed to eat it.
  We were full after finishing both the items. It was great experience once again, trying different cuisines, getting to know few basics of them and then reviewing :). It was fun. I would like to have Yakisoba again or make one at home. Do try out japanese sometime and its sure a great cuisine for Non-vegetarians with diverse set of offerings.

We also made a choclate cake at home which is my favorite. You can find its recipe here. So far i havn't found an eggless option which we can get on such occasions :).

Now here comes my todays recipe : The very basic Paneer Bhurji (Scrambled Cottage Cheese)

Paneer Burji is very easy to cook. Very healthy and fulfilling. Have this with parathas or rotis. Use the leftover and make sandwiches or puffs.


Serves 4

200gms Cottage gheese (Paneer) - grated
1 medium Onion - chopped
1 medium Tomato - cut into small pieces
2 Green Chili - cut into thin rounds
1 tsp Ginger paste
1 tsp Garlic paste
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1-2 tsp Garam Masala powder
Oil, Cumin seeds, Asafoetida, Curry leaves (optional)
Salt as per taste


1. Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan, add the cumin seeds. When they splutter add chopped onions and the ginger garlic paste, fry till brown.

2. Add the green chillies and tomatoes and fry till they are soft.

3. Now add turmeric powder, garam masala powder, salt and little water or milk. Adding water makes sure that all the masala is well combined.

4. Add grated paneer and cook for 5-8 minutes till the paneer blends into the masala.

5. Garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot.


You can add green peas or sliced green pepper to burji.


  1. Sayali, a very happy birthday to you !!! Love the paneer bhruji pics and so was that cake made at home or store bought or what? you didn't mention anything about that (or did I miss reading). And thanks for giving your experience on Japanese restaurant. I too haven't tried it as I am too skeptical on whether or not I will get any veggie options.

  2. HEt Priya thanks for wishing.We made this cake at home.and you are right i missed writing about that :) thanks

  3. Sayali,

    Belated birthday wishes to you.Next time when you go to Japanese restaurant ask for tempura and onigiri with umboshi. tempura is fried one like our bhaji/pakoda. onigri is rice. you can also ask Japanese curryrice. they mix meat while serving.

  4. so youcan ask veggie version

  5. hi Sayali, Belated birthday wishes. Happy to know that u have enjoyed the new Japanese cuisine. Cake looks so yummy.
    Paneer burji looks awesome. love to have with paratha.

  6. Hi Sayali, Belated happy birthday wishes. So you had great time at the new Japanese restaurant . That's a lovely looking homemade chocolate cake. Paneer burji looks very delicious and very nicely decorated too.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Belated birthday wishes and that's a lovely cake too.
    The paneer bhurji too. :)
    Finding veg options while eating out can be tough, even in some places in India!

  8. Belated wishes. Paneer bhurji looks so inviting. Nice click. When you have time, do check our Sizzling Summer Contest in ST and we would be happy to see your participation. you could win one of two $50 prizes.

  9. Belated Birthday wishes dear..Paneer bhurji looks fabulous and makes me drool..

  10. Wish U Belated Birthday...glad to know u guys had fun time...cake looks yummy n the bhurji is fab...

  11. Happy belated bday sayali,may all your dreams come true.. nice to know you enjoyed a lot, and its always spl celebrating after marriage.,..and paneer bhurchi looks yum,lovely presentation

  12. Belated Birthday wishes and am glad to know that you had a lovely time.

    The Chocolate Cake looks really tempting and so does the paneer bhurji.

  13. Belated Birthday wishes Sayali.
    Glad to know that you had lot of fun on your B'day...Paneer Burji looks very inviting..never tried this before..thanks for the recipe dear.

  14. hey, first time here..belated happy birthday to you...read your post n glad to know that had a wonderful time..

    Chocolate cake looks beautiful n delicious..so does the paneer bhurji...yummy!

  15. Belated birthday wishes, Sayali.. Glad to know that you had a great time..

    Your chocolate cake looks fantastic..Paneer burji also sounds and looks delicious!! Yum Yum!!

  16. Belated b'day wishes..Paneer bhurji looks so tempting..nice clicks too!!
    Like your recipes a lot.We are happy to announce a summer themed contest for recipe and food photograph..It is our pleasure if you could participate in our Sizzling Summer Contest.You could win one of the two $50 prizes.

  17. i tooo made soe wat similar to this last day.....an ward waiting for u in my blog...

  18. Happy belated birthday! The paneer burgi looks great. Never heard of it before, but it's beautiful. I assume you could add all kinds of toppings as well.

  19. Hey Sayali, wish you a belated happy birthday! Why didn't you try California Sushi rolls at the Japanese restaurant?! It is a very good vegetarian option.

  20. Hey Belated birthday wishes dear....And i like Japanese food...only some special dishes... This paneer burji is something diff i feel.....that name itself attracted me... :) Will surely need to try...

  21. Belated birthday wishes!Loved the panner bhurji!Will try it sometime!

  22. many wishes on a belated birthday! i like japanese food.. a simple soba noodles dressed with veggies and soya can be so tasty!

  23. Happy Birthday Sayali. Seems like a nice party. Cake looks perfect and delicious. Bhurji with paneer looks great. Thanks for visiting me. You have a wonderful blog full of yummy recipes. Happy blogging dear.

  24. Hey friend belated wishes to you.It was lovely dish and nice food.There is a website which gives many blogs,question and answers type and can ask experts about problems related to mothers,women and parenting.Check out some of special and delicious receipes.. Surely it will give more ideas ,make new friends,ask lot of questions to moms and experts.

  25. Belated Happy b'day dear..Cake and burji looks so yummy and delicious.

  26. Happy birthday...lovely paneer bhurji.

  27. Hey Sayali.. belated birthday wishes! Your cake looks really great! I am afraid of bundts getting stuck! :D Cheers!

  28. Hi Belated bday wishes. Thanks for the delicious entry. Cake looks perfect.

  29. belated happy birthday, sayali! lovely bundt cake. and interesting that you have the pressurecooker version too. panneer burji, a hit always!

  30. Hey sayali,

    Belated Birthday wishes to u dear !Glad that u enjoyed ur day with a luscious cake.You have nice space,following u .Paneer bhurji is so inviting.

  31. Nice space here. Keep rocking

  32. Hope you had an awesome day! The burji looks super dee duper :))
    First time on your blog - Liking it a lot - will be checking in :))

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