October 1, 2016

Thin poha (or thin beaten rice) Chivda aka snack in english

When we say snack in India, we get the visuals of lots of different home made Chivdas (mix). There are so many different varieties of them. Corn flakes, Puffed rice flakes (chirmura, murmura), beaten rice flakes, Sago (sabudana) and the list is endless. I am sure different states would be making snacks in different styles from these very primary ingredients. I am going to share the very basic Chivda made from beaten rice thin flakes. This one is quick, there is no deep frying involved, so its a guilt free snack and I love it.


Thin poha pack from Indian
grocery store
1. Thin poha 2 lbs, get this in any Indian grocery store.
2. Peanuts 1/2 cup
3. Roasted Chana daal - 1/2 cup
4. Sesame seeds - 1 tbsp
5. Dry coconut flakes
6. Green chilies 3-4, depending upon how hot they are and your liking, chopped horizontally
7. Salt and sugar as per taste
8. Oil - 3-4 tbsp.
9. Curry leaves - 10-12
10. Mustard seeds and cumin seeds each 1 tbsp\
11. Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
12. Asafoetida or "hing" - a pinch
13. Cashew-nuts - 1 tbsp (optional)

Have all the ingredients ready in a plate as you would need them quickly during making of the chivda.


1. First you have to roast the thin poha, so that they become crisp. To do this, simple put the poha a little at a time in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds and then mix the poha and heat again for 30 seconds. Try a little to make sure they are crisp. You will definitely feel the difference between undone and done poha flakes. If not may be you need to heat them 30 seconds more.

2. After this, heat oil in a pan and once heated add mustard seeds. When they splutter add hing, cumin seeds, curry leaves, Add peanuts, mix it well, Then add chana daal, mix and after few seconds add coconut, cashews, chilies and sesame seeds. Peanuts take more time than coconut to turn red. Make sure you are not turning any one ingredient more red or they will not taste as good.

3. Once coconut are red, add turmeric powder, salt, sugar , mix it for few seconds until l salt and sugar dissolve a bit.

4. Add the poha and mix everything properly, All the white poha  flakes should get covered with the oil mixture so that it taste evenly. Mix for a while on a low flame. Adjust sugar and salt as per taste and the poha chivda is ready.


1. You can give this as a snack for kids in school
2. This makes an excellent tea time snack, make sure you top it with chipped onion.
3. You can also make this in Diwali.

August 24, 2016

Hridhaans 2nd Birthday Cake !!!

Birthday decoration is no fun, but I am always excited to decorate the cake. I feel taking this extra effort is a way to convey your love to your kid. I am sure like me you and many other moms feel the same. :)

Here are some pictures of his 2nd birthday cake.

First one is a simple birthday cake pendant. I got some pendant free prints online. Used some threads to put them together and the barbeque skewers to tie them too. It was fun to make this one. So many things you can hand in there. Animal cut outs, photos, numbers etc.

2) Here is the cake I decorated. Simple isn't it. I got wilton's butter cream and used it to top the cake.
Then added some food colors, used the plastic bags and decorating tips to decorate the border and the dots on the cake. In the middle I used the sprinkles to make the number 2. I used a paper cutting for the number 2, placed it on top of the cake and then sprinkled to get that number. I think its super easy trick :). You can do it with dried colored coconut flakes too or different kinds of sprinkles.

This time we celebrated the birthday by going to a Zoo. What else a 2 year old need anyways ;)

February 8, 2014

Quick and Easy, Colorful Bell Pepper Mix !!!

Diets are really hard. First it restricts so many ingredients and then you come to know that there are very little food dishes that you can really eat if you want to follow this diet. :). And I really wanted to follow this diet I did last year. I guess this was my first diet program ever and I was really excited.

I was on a non-grain diet and non-grain means you cannot have rotis. So apart from salads, I usually had moong daal cheelas as a replacement to rotis. But moong daal cheela did not taste good with various sabjis and hence I used to prepare and mix, quick and dry vegetable saute, make my cheelas and then have meal. This sabji of different capsicums tasted really well with cheelas and it made my meals more satiating during that diet.


Serves 2

Bell Pepper - I used 4 colored bell peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green), diced, 1 and 1\2 cup
Onion - diced, 2 tbsp
Tomatoes - chopped, 2 tbsp
Potatoes - 1 medium sized, cooked in microwave for 2-3 minutes, peeled and diced
Chopped fresh Coriander\Cilantro - 1 tbsp.
Cumin and Mustard  - Each 1 tsp seeds for tempering
Garam Masala - 2 tsp
Red Chili powder - 1 tsp or as per taste
Sugar - Pinch to taste (optional)
Salt to taste
Oil - 3 tsp


1. Mix and microwave chopped capsicum for 3-5 minutes, to semi-cook it.. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, When they splutter add cumin seeds. Now add chopped onions. Saute for a minute or two.

2. Now add the capsicum, potato, tomato and mix. Add salt, garam masala, red chili powder, sugar and mix again.Cook untill capsicums are soft but not soggy.

3. Adjust masalas and top with chopped coriander. Serve hot with plain Roti or plain Paratha.


  • Make this sabji right before you are going to have your meal. 
  • It will only taste better when you have at least 3 different kinds of bell peppers. The colors also add to its nutrition and presentation.

January 5, 2014

Veg Kathi \ Kati Roll \ Veg Frankie and an inspirational INKtalk by an young entrepreneur

In our recent trip to Vancouver, CA, we discovered a new Chat place in Surrey; Apna Chaat. For all Indian food lovers, this place is a must visit. How did I miss it in these many years :(... I just felt like I am sitting at some chaat place in India, which had an amazing mouth watering menu and an ambiance that would take you to that chaat wala in your gali back in India which always was busy. What we decided to order was Kati roll and Samosa chaat

Kati roll is a popular street food in India. Especially, they are tangy, healthy and make a good meal. Before writing down this recipe I did not know that they originated from Kolkata, a renowned city in West India. In some parts this is often called as "Frankie". Kati rolls are roti (Indian flat bread) wraps. After making them, I feel they are perfect for to goes, lunch boxes or one day trips.

I saw a variety of versions of kati rolls, You can find variations in the way people make rotis and the way fillings are made. Especially you can be so creative when you prepare fillings. You can make it protein rich by using ingredients like scrambled paneer\tofu\cheese. You can make Chinese version by using noddles and vegetables saute as a filling. Or you can sure stick to the vegetarian classic version, which I am going to write about.


For Rotis:

Maida\All purpose flour - 3\4 th cup
Wheat flour - 1\4th cup
Water to knead the dough
Salt as per taste
Maida for dusting

For Filling:

Potatoes - 2 medium sized, boiled and mashed
Green bell pepper - julienned, 1\2 cup
Carrot - julienned, 1\2 cup
Onion - julienned, 1\2 cup  
Ginger - grated, 2 tsp
Tomatoes - chopped, 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Green Chilies - finely chopped, 2 tsp
Cumin-Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Dry Mango powder - 2 tsp
Chopped fresh Coriander\Cilantro - 1 tbsp
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil - 3 tsp, to saute the veggies

Green Chutney: This is a standard cilantro green chutney. Refer this recipe if you have never made it at home. You will require green chutney to spread it on the roti.

Tamarind\ Imli chutney - this is optional. I had it ready at home and so I used it. Recipe.


For Roti:

1. In a bowl, mix all ingredients for roti except water. Add water gradually as you knead the dough. This dough is little firm than the pizza dough or its same as the regular wheat "chapati" or "roti" dough. Once dough is done, cover it and let it rest for at least 15 minutes.

2. Now, once the dough is resting enough, you will see it has become soft and smooth. Knead the dough again. Now divide the dough into the small balls , usually this much dough can make 6 balls. 

3. Now start heating a griddle on medium heat. Take each ball, cover it with the dry all purpose flour on both sides and using a roller pin, roll it into a roti of about 6-8" diameter. Use the dry flour as required to while rolling. 

4. Once done, put the roti on the griddle, allow it to cook a little from one side and turn it when you see 1-2 red spots. Let it cook nicely from other side. Now remove the griddle and turn the roti and place it over flame so that the first side is down. Let the roti rise and then remove it form the stove. If you do not have a stove, you can turn the roti back on the griddle itself and with the help of a cloth, press it all over.
Make remaining rotis and store them.

For Filling:

1. Put oil in a pan and heat it on a medium heat. Once oil is heated add cumin seeds, chopped green chilies, ginger; saute and then add onion, bell pepper, carrots. 

2, Saute for a minute. You do not want to loose vegetable crunch so make sure you do not overcook them in the process.

3. Add, masala powders, salt sugar, lemon juice and mix well. Now add potatoes and tomatoes. Mix again and make sure potato and veggies are evenly distributed in the filling. Cover for a minute, taste and adjust masalas. Add chopped coriander and turn off the stove.

Making kathi rolls:

1.Take one roti and spread green chutney on it, leaving some place on one side. Put 1 tbsp filling length wise, perpendicular to the space left without chutney. Do not put filling as well on this place. Put some tamarind chutney on top of the mixture.

2. Now, first fold the side that was left, The fold in one side parallel to the length wise mixture and then fold in the other side. 

3. Spread butter on the roll form all sides and make it crispy brown before serving. 


  • Rotis can be made ahead of the time. Keep them partial cooked and cook them again before actually using them.
  • We already discussed the variations we can have for the filling.
  • Next, I am going to try the ready-made tortillas, instead of making rotis..

Inspirational INKtalk

And here is a must watch for all who Think a lot before doing anything. This video tell you what happens when you think a lot at situations where its not required. Let me know your views.

January 1, 2014

Running out of options for breakfast - try this, "Sevai Upma" (Vermicelli Mix)

Sevai is a tricky item to work with. I had about 4-5 failed attempts of Sevai upma before I could make it right. This is usually a rare dish people make, at least I have not seen people make Sevai upma as frequently they do Poha or regular Upma for breakfast. This, therefore makes, a good dish for guests too. The only tricky part is how much water you put when you cook Sevai upma and the lesson I learnt is to start with small amounts or try the microwave version of cooking it.


Thin Vermicelli \ Sevai - 2 cups
Chopped Onion - 1\2 cup
Frozen Peas - 1\2 cup
Green chillies - either slit or in a paste form, as per taste
Roasted Peanuts - whole or crushed
Salt per taste
Sugar - 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds - 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - 3\4
Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
Oil - 3 tsp
Chopped Coriander


1. Put vermicelli in a microwave safe bowl. Add 1 tsp oil to it and mix it so that all sevai is greased. Microwave this for 1-2 minutes stirring every 30 seconds. Stop when you see the sevai getting red. Add 1\2 cup water to this bowl and then continue cooking. You will require 2-3 minutes for the vermicelli to be cooked. Add water if necessary. Eat a little sevai to check if its cooked.

2. Heat oil in a skillet and add mustard seeds. When they splutter add cumin seeds and curry leaved. Add chopped onion and saute till onion turns translucent. Add turmeric powder, green chilly paste\slit, peanuts (whole\crushed), salt, sugar and mix well.

3. Now add cooked vermicelli and mix again delicately, making sure everything mixes well. Adjust salt, sugar to taste. Cover for 2 minutes. Garnish with chopped cilantro.


You can also add roasted split chana daal when sauteing onion, for that extra and different flavor.
Additional veggies of your choice will add colors and nutrition.