June 8, 2010

Couple Of Awards & Gram Flour Dumplings in Spicy yogurt sauce (Punjabi Kadi Pakora)

I  stayed in hostel for about 6 years from my 11th grade till I graduated. Hostel life is really cool. Variety of people, so many experiences and so much to learn. During my engineering we were 4 girls sharing an apartment. Those were the days when I was damn lazy about cooking. I just remember making tea and maggie most of the time :) . We had some restaurants nearby were we used to go and eat. That was pretty quick. But as we had all the things needed for cooking we sometimes tried our hands on it. There was one senior staying with us. She once made a North Indian kadhi (kari) and rice. Thanks to her for introducing us to such a nice and tasty kadi from North India. I know everyone of you must be aware of it. But during that time when I had less interest in cooking this was totally new to me. I simply love her kadi and we all enjoyed having it with rice, I remember.

Today, when I made Kari Pakora it reminded me of that day when my senior di made that kadi at hostel.
North Indian kadi is slightly thicker than the usual gujrati kadi.  It is yellow in color and has different spices in it. Simply delicious and could be eaten with rice and parathas as well.



Serves 4-6

For the dumplings:
1 cup Gram flour (Besan)
2 tsp Ginger (Adrak), chopped
1 tsp or to taste Green chili chopped
Salt to taste
Oil for shallow frying

For the yogurt curry:
2 cups Yogurt (dahi) sour
½ Cup Gram flour
4 cups Water

               For seasoning:
              1 tbsp Clarified butter (Ghee)
              ½ tsp Cumin seeds (Jeera)
              1/3 tsp Fenugreek seeds
              Few Curry leaves
              1 tbsp julienned Onion
              1 tsp Chopped Green Chili
              1 tsp Ginger paste
              1 tsp Garlic paste
              1 tbsp diced Tomato
              2-3 dry Red chilies
              1 tsp Turmeric powder
              ½ tsp Red Chili powder
              Salt to taste
              Chopped Cilantro for garnishing


For dumplings (pakoras):
Add water, chopped ginger, chopped green chili, salt to the gram flour and prepare a semi-thick batter.
Beat until fluffy.Heat the oil in a shallow pan. Drop small dumplings of batter with your fingers into the oil and fry till brown. Remove and immerse in cold water. Let them dip and then remove.

For yogurt curry:
Mix gram flour in 1 cup water and keep aside. Mix remaining water and yogurt and with the help of a whisk make buttermilk of it. Now heat this butter milk and slowly add the gram flour paste into it, stirring continually. Bring to boil. Keep stirring. Set aside.

For seasoning:
Heat the clarified butter in a pan. Add cumin seeds, asafetida, fenugreek seeds, dry red chilies and curry leaves. Then add onions and sauté till soft. Add ginger and garlic pastes, chopped green chili sauté again and then add diced tomatoes. Sauté again for 2-3 minutes.
Now add red chili powder and turmeric powder.
      Mix and immediately add seasoning to the yogurt mixture. Add the gram flour dumplings as well , add salt to taste and bring to boil again.


Make sure that the dumplings get ample time to get soaked into the kadi. Otherwise they remain dry inside.I had plain yogurt, so adding tomatoes helped me to get the sour taste. You can also add a pinch of amchoor powder (dry mango powder).

Now it's the award time again:

I have received Sunshine and Thank You Cake awards from my new friends Gayatri and Beena and again a Circle Of Friends and a Thank You note from Gayatri :)
Thanks to both these lovely bloggers.


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Have Fun And enjoy every bite in life !!!


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  3. Congarats on awards dear. Thank you for sharing with me to.

    Kari pakoda is my fav..I to make in some what same way..Yours looks so delicious..and beautiful presentation.

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  6. Hey Sayali, thanks for the awards! Very sweet of you to think of me :) Your kadhi looks so good. I love the North Indian kadhi too. And like your case, it was a friend of ours who made this kadhi for us the first time. So I always try to make my kadhi like that! :)

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    Thanks once again dear:)

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    Your 1st click is very eye catching...Kadi looks delicious...

    Hamaree Rasoi

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    I love kadhi, infact it features daily on our dining table :-) The first click is stunning!

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    looks delicious dear:-)
    Lovely clicks ...

  26. congrats on the awards :0 and loved ur recipe i was lookin for a simple kadi recipe and the way u ve written this is so easy-to-understand thanks :)

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  28. I like kadhis too but my husband had so much of it during his college days he can't stand it!:)

    Thanks for thinking of me to pass on the awards.

  29. Hi Sayali. The kadhi looks 'masta' and nice clicks too.

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  31. Hi dear, Ur kadhi looks absolutely fabulous ya! Loved the shots! I'm drooling as usual! :D

  32. nice recipe ... i love kadhi ... had it often at restaurant but i think its time i make it at home : ) i like ur presentation of each dish ... thanks for posting

  33. Wonderful post! I love how food can bring such lovely memories.

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