January 18, 2012

Hawaii !!! - Truly a Heaven on Earth

Maui (Hawaii) what a place to be :)............ Pacific is at its best here...Beautiful beaches, fresh air, lush green trees, and those giant humpback whales :) ....Memorable !!!

My blogger Friends, recently I had been to Maui island in Hawaii and it was one of the most amazing trips of mine. I needed to relax after completion of my Master (which is really very hectic :)) and me and my hubby always wanted to visit Hawaii. This was the perfect time.

Maui is one of the 8 islands of Hawaii. People who want to relax in peace and want to play in grounds of Nature, this is the perfect island.

Things which are must dos in Maui are:

1. Snorkeling (at Molokini Crater) - Snorkeling was really amazing experience.Initially I was a little afraid as I am not a good swimmer.But with all the gears it becomes a lot easier What a world it is down there, once you insert your face inside you get disconnected with the outside world.... :) . Corals and fishes which I always watched in television , I was experiencing them !!!!!

2. Sunrise from Halaekela - You drive to the top of Halaekela mountain (10000 ft). Clouds are under you feet and you see the Sun rising above the clouds. :) Color formations are simply magical. The color changes on the surface of the Halaekela mountain are incredible. Be prepared for the cold here as we were not :(.

3. Road to Hana - I enjoy rainforests and wild trees. Road to Hana is around 35 miles long and has got some 600 curves (It is not straight at all). Hats off to US government for constructing such roads. On this road you will come across different villages, view of pacific ocean, water falls, locally made banana bread and coconut icecream stalls. You are covered with greenery all over.

4. Golf Courses -  I don't know anything about Golf but I always love to watch the golf courses. Hawaii is world renowned for its golf courses. We got an opportunity to view some of the luxurious once. Kapalua is one of them. Imagine the view of ocean n one side, and the lush green mountains on the other. Its party for players while they are playing :)

5. Beaches, beaches, beaches-  Plenty of beaches. You can just park anywhere in West Maui. The entire road is along the coastline. There are some beautiful beaches in South Maui as well like Big beach and Wailea. There are some black sand beaches. It was fun everywhere. :)

Here are  some of the beautiful sights of Maui.
Sunrise At Halaekela

All Types of Tides and Waves

Breathtaking Views

The curviest and scenic Road To Hana

One of the beaches I loved - This one is called as Big Beach

Looks beautiful , right?

This one is the Kapalua Golf course. There are plenty of others.

 Cheers !!!!


  1. Very nice pics, wish there were more to "Treat My Eyes"! ;)
    I gotta coax my hubby to take me to Hawaii too :P
    By the way, what did you do Masters in?

    And hey Sayali, wanted to let you know I really appreciate all the lovely & genuine comments you left on my blog.
    It was the best thing of my day so far :) Thanks so much! :)
    I'm in Texas - you in Washington?

  2. Masters in S/W Engg ... nice! And congrats for starting the job soon :)
    Yeah, I'd like to go for higher studies for the sole purpose of being able to work here after that, but unable to decide what to do ... besides, after a Masters already, I really don't feel like studying anything else!
    I don't understand how people have the spirit to go on getting double degrees & PhDs!

  3. Very stunning pics of the Hawaii island. Congrats on completing your Masters.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Very interesting awesome pictures of the Hawaii Island, Sayali. Congrats for completed your Masters.

  5. Beautiful shots sayali. The beaches makes me miss dar :(

  6. Omg, real feast to eyes,thanks for this virtual trip Sayali.

  7. wow, loved those pics! hawaii is on my to-go places list & after seeing these pics my urge to go has increased manyfold :D btw, congrats on the masters, like u said it was a well needed break after all that studyin

  8. I too love Hawaii. Nice pictures enjoyed Hawaii


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