January 25, 2012

Masala Bhindi (Okra / lady finger)

I just love bhindi in any form. 'Regular, Bharva, Masala, Tava, Dahi, fried'. This is the first bhindi recipe on my blog. I will eventually add all other recipes. This recipe is one of the favorites at home. The best thing about bhindi is it gets cooked in microwave within minutes. We also get rid of that stickiness if we cook it in microwave.


Serves 3-4

Bhindi/Okra - 250-300 gms
Onion - 1/2 Cup , cut into slits
Punjabi Garam Masala / Kitchen King Masala or regular Garam Masala : 2-3 tsp
Cumin Coriander Powder : 1-2 tsp
Salt and Red Chili powder to taste
Pinch of sugar
Mustard Seeds, Cumin seeds for seasoning

For Puree:
Tomato - 1 Medium size
Ginger - 1/2" piece
Cloves - 2-3 Garlic
Onion - 1/4 cup


1. Wash and dry the bhindis and take off the head of all bhindis. Also cut the bhindi into 1" pieces. Place it in a bowl and put about 3 tsp oil on them. Make sure oil spreads all over the bhindi. Now microwave it for about 6-8 minutes or till it gets cooked.

2. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds. When they sizzle add slitted onion. Saute onion till it gets transparent.

3. Meanwhile grind all the ingredients listed under puree and make a paste. Add as little water as possible.

4. Now add this puree, all the masala powders, salt and mix well. Let the puree cook for 4-5 minutes.

5. Now check if the bhindi is cooked and if done add this to the puree. Mix well, cover and let this cook for another 10 minutes.


Try this out with Punjabi Garam Masala or Kitchen King. These masalas are ready made masalas and you can find them in any Indian Store.


  1. Bhindi masala is my hubby's fav too, perfect with Rotis :)

  2. You know what ... I just finished making normal Bhindi sabji (the typical one!), Bharwan Bhindi & Kurkuri Bhindi for dinner ... don't know which hubby wanted to eat, so made all three (in small amounts). Yes, no kidding.
    If I had any more Bhindi left, I would have tried this one too, since I've never made with tomato puree!
    Just goes to show how much we love Bhindi sabji in any form :D :D :D

  3. I have never had this dish before but is sounds and looks delisious. Looking forward to all your other recipes. Thank!

  4. Love this and it's looks so fab with those roti ....

  5. first time here.happy to follow u..Masala bhindi looks yummy..will try sometime...

  6. Tasty masala bindi,loved ur version.

  7. First time here and Luv all ur awesome recipes Dear.Bhindi Sabzi luks Great n inviting.Luv to try it soon. Glad to follow U back.

  8. Mouthwatering here, wat a terrific and super tempting bhindi masala..

  9. very delicious n awesome combo..yummy!

    Erivum Puliyum

  10. Simple yet my favorite dish. To me any dish with okra means home to me. A perfect comfort food!

  11. The second bhindi recipe I've come across today, since it's one of my favourite vegetables, I must be in heaven! I love your recipe and am definitely going to try it! Am following you on Google Connect, hope you'll visit my site some time! xx


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