December 28, 2010

Cucumber and Tomato Open Sandwich

This is one of the favorite snacks at home. Its very easy, tastes so good and most important is very satiating. I never knew about the concept of open sandwiches until this recipe was introduced to me after marriage. Open sandwiches as the name suggests are open with some toppings on top of the bread. There are hundreds of varieties of them but this one is the first and the only one I have ever tried or eaten. Try to make this one on a sunny day as the taste and the combined flavors of all the ingredients are really refreshing.


1 bread loaf(white or brown)
1 bowl peeled diced Cucumber
1 bowl diced Tomato


1. Take a bread slice and spread green chutney on it.

2. Top it with diced cucumber and tomato.

3. Spread tamarind water on the slice as required.

4. Sprinkle sev.


Both the chutneys when made ahead of time, the open sandwich is just a 4 step snack.


  1. Looks Appetizing and cute umbrella. Nice sandwich.

  2. wow..looks so good and delicious...

  3. inviting sandwich.. very well presented!

  4. Very tempting,delicious and absolutely irresistible sandwich,looks damn cute.

  5. loved this and the mini tomato umbrella is soooooo cute !

  6. wish u n ur family a very happy new year...superb sandwitch!!

  7. Looks so tempting...

    And,Wish you a very happy new year.May this year be filled with all that is best and beautiful in life :)


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