November 3, 2010

Happy Diwali and a recipe for "Chakali"

Its time of Diwali. Lights, special mithais, Pujas make a wonderful environment at home. Everybody just enjoys the 5 days of this auspicious festival and hopes for a bright future. I just love all the aspect of Diwali. Drawing rangolis, lighting diyas in evening, crackers, "Dhanteras" , "Laxmi Pujan" , "Abhyang Snan", "Bhai beej" getting "ashirwads" from elders. This one festival of lights is always so much awaited. Last but not the least the mithais and special namkins which we make for Diwali. Before getting married I just used to eat everything. I never new the techniques, the ingredients and tricks of making them. This year I got this chance to try my hands on "Chakali" . This one has various different recipes. Some make if of wheat flour, some make it of mixed flours and some make it of maida (white flour). Below is the recipe for the white flour.


Makes about 40 Chakalis.

3 Cups of white flour
Red Chili Powder as per taste
Salt as per taste
Little sugar
1 tbsp Sesame seeds
2 tsp turmeric powder (Haldi)
Just 1 tsp of oil


1.  Place the white flour in a clean cloth and pack this cloth and tie knots.

2.  Place this in a steamer for about 20 minutes. 10 minutes each side down.

3. Let it cool. Then with the help of grater grate this flour and then mix all the ingredients.

4. Make a dough (this should not be sticky like the regular one).  This is the important step and your dough should be of proper texture. It should be easy to divide this dough into parts.

5. Then make the rolls out of this dough and put them in a chakali maker. (Get idea of what this machine is here)

6. Now you can make chakalis.

7. Heat oil in a frying pan and then fry these chakalis.


Making a perfect Chakali will take lot of trials and errors. But sooner or later you will get it. 
Try making this out of different flours.

Happy Diwali To All My blogger friends and foodies. :)


  1. Awesome murukku,Happy Diwali to you Sayali...

  2. Thanks for the recipe and Happy Diwali to u too!

  3. The chaklis look awesome. Happy Diwali to you :)

  4. Beautiful looking chaklis...very tempting..My diwali wishes to u and ur family..

  5. The perfect chakli,looks very tempting. Wishing u and ur family a joyous Diwali.

  6. Awesome murukku!

    Happy Diwali dear Sayali :-)

  7. Perfect and crispy chaklis..Great job!!

  8. Perfect crispy chaklis..beautiful clicks.
    Happy Diwali dear

  9. Your chaklis have turned out fabulous! Very festive indeed! Happy Diwali to you too!

  10. Happy Diwali to you too !!!
    Chaklis look perfect and yumm..

  11. Hi,

    Beautiful chakalis...going to follow you...:)


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  13. that's a nice platter of chaklis you have there. by white flour do u mean apf? our murukkus use rice flour and dont undergo the steaming process.

  14. chakali looks crispy and delciious..

  15. And Happy diwali to you and yor family..

  16. Chakli looks cute and perfect.. beautiful snaps !!

  17. Looks damn good, I've also made this for deewali.. And a good crunch munch snack as well.

  18. Perfect REcipe.. Came here from Priya's Blog.. Lovely space here..will visit often..

  19. Just spotted the photo from your blog on this page..
    This page even has my blog picture..loads of pictures posted without permission. I thought, I should let you know.


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