October 29, 2009

Paneer Tikka Masala

Ingredients: Serves 4

5 tsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. grated ginger
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 green chili, chopped
3 tbsp. chopped coriander
1 tsp. chili powder
salt to taste
250g paneer cut into cubes.
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
2 onions, chopped in 1-inch long thin slices
¼ tsp. turmeric powder
3-4 tbsp. thick yogurt
½ cup milk.
1 tomato puree


1.Mix together lemon juice, ginger, garlic, green chili,yogurt, half of the coriander, chili powder, salt, and paneer in a bowl . Cover and leave to marinate for an hour

2. After enough marination heat oil in pan. Add cumin seeds when oil heats add chopped Onion. Fry till they turn little brown.

3.Add tomato puree and fry for some time, add some water needed.

4. Add turmeric powder, little yogurt, milk, and remaining coriander. Stir few minutes.

5. Add marinade along with paneer to the sauce. Cook for sometime.
Can add little kasoori methi to get a nice flavour.


You can add sliced green or red peppers (bell pepper or Shimla mirch), thinly sliced to the marinade mixture. This adds to the colour of the dish.
Different marination : Mix tandoori,chat and chana masala along with half of the ginger garlic paste with yogurt.
You can also marinate for the whole night by keeping the paneer cubes in freeze in a airtight container.

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