January 14, 2011

SwagBucks - Fun way to earn :)

About Swagbucks:

Some may have heard about Internet earning and some may not have. Well there are hundreds of sites where u can earn, get coupons, gifts, money etc. Swagbucks is a similar kind of thing. I registered some months back and in a couple of weeks I had a 5$ Amazon gift card from swagbucks. Till now, I have managed to make 100$ :) of Amazon gift cards. There is just a little you have to do. Search, play, fill some surveys, give votes, enter some swag codes etc and all this at your own pace.

I want to share this with you because I know many of you are homemakers. We bloggers are most of the time online and Swagbucks hardly takes 5-10 minutes of yours in a day. Of course this depends on how much you swag.

Register yourself and find out all the details. Click below to register:

Search & Win

You also get swagbucks by entering swag codes. You can find swag codes at some sites. Here is the one I get them from http://www.sc-s.com/

Some Tips:

  • You get 1 SB just by polling in 'Daily Polls' everyday
  • You get 1 SB just by clicking on the trusted Surveys
  • The NOSO offer : just skip all the offers in a way and complete this to get 2 SBs.
  • There are many small present in "Special Offers" tab under Earn.
  •  For searching use the keywords which appear on the main page. E.g: 2 products are displayed daily on its home page, try using the words from these product's name and description, or sometimes the main words from the Swagbucks' blog's recent blog post also work. They also have twitter updates which give some hints/swag codes. Once you get something by search, stop and then try later after some hours
  • You can make Swagbucks as your default search engine, so everytime you search somthing from your search bar the browser will by default use swagbucks search engine.
  • You can make it your homepage with some search key .
  • Don't ever do exhaustive searching, it never works that way.

Check this link for more details:

Its fun to earn even in your idle time.


  1. Hey this sounds quite interesting. I am joining it now & also I have been following u :)

    do visit my site when time permits

  2. Hey but the country list to choose from is - US, UK & Canada. And, I am in India. :(


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