July 11, 2012

Stuffed Tomato ( Barwan Tamatar )

I hope everyone is enjoying Summer. Especially in Seattle the weather is getting awesome and its going to be same for next 2 weeks. I hope we do not get rain any more. 

Tomato is such a universal ingredient. We can make tomato soup, chutney, ketchup, salsa. Its widely used in salads, Indian curries and sabzis, raitas and what not. I cannot imagine a day in my kitchen without tomato. 
Not only food, but when it comes to home gardening Tomato, I believe, must be the most grown vegetable.
Some fact about tomato:

1. If you want to store tomatoes for a week or so , buy a little unripe tomatoes so that they stay longer. If you plan to use them quickly then buy the ripest as these are richest in vitamins.

2. Botanically tomato is a fruit but its considered as vegetable.

3. A particular nutrient found in abundance in tomatoes, lycopene, has made many headlines for its disease fighting abilities. Lycopene is also acts as antioxidant.

4. Tomato is rich in Vitamin C (antioxidant), A (improves eye health) and Vitamin K (strengthens bones)
 most red tomatoes as these are richest in vitamins. Sunburns can be cured by applying the tomato juice.

5. Lycopene is also believed to be a natural sunscreen which is really amazing. 
Enough of the information, the bottom line is eat tomato and be healthy. Here is one recipe which contains around 80% of tomato in it. This sabzi looks good, tastes good and gets done in about half an hour , depending upon how much are you making ;).


For stuffed tomato sabzi with 10 medium sized tomatoes

Fresh Roma Tomatoes or Any medium sized tomatoes - 10
Grated Dry Coconut - 3/4 Cup 
Cooked and mashed Potato - 1 Cup 
Indian Style Cottage Cheese (paneer) - as required
Garlic - 3-4 Cloves
Ginger - 1" piece
Red chili powder: as per taste
Salt : as per taste
Lemon Juice -as per taste
Cumin Coriander powder (dhaniya jeera) to taste
Oil, Mustard Seeds. Cumin Seeds and Curry leaves for seasoning (tadka)
2-3 tsp Oil to saute the stuffing
Fresh coriander for garnishing


1. Wash tomatoes. Open the tomatoes carefully by slicing the tomatoes from top (as if removing its head). 
Remove the kernel of the tomatoes with the help of a spoon and keep it in bowl. Sprinkle the inside of  tomatoes with salt and keep aside. Also keep the tomato heads, we will need this in step 2.

2. Blend together the coconut, ginger, garlic, tomato pulp and tomato heads (from step 1) to form a paste. 

3. Heat oil in a skillet and add to it the paste from step 2. (We can divide the paste and use only the portion that is necessary to hold the mashed potatoes, the rest we can use later) Add salt as per taste to it. Also keep in mind that we have sprinkled the tomatoes with salt. Add chili powder to taste. Saute for a minute and then add potato mixture. Mix well, cover and cook for another minute. Now the stuffing is ready.

4. Now stuff in the paneer into the tomatoes to create a little base in it. Then fill the rest of the tomato with the potato stuffing.

5. In the same skillet, heat oil again. Now add mustard seeds and once they sizzle add cumin seeds and curry leaves. Lower the heat and add the remaining paste, if any. Saute for a while and add all the spices as per taste. now add the remaining potato mixture. Add salt and lemon juice, mix, cover and let it cook for 2 minutes. Adjust spices. 

6. Now add the stuffed tomatoes and let them cook for about 10 - 15 minutes or till they become soft but not mushy at all.

7. Garnish with coriander and serve hot with parathas of any kind.


1. Paneer is totally optional. Adding this enhances the presentation and adds a little cheesy taste to sour taste of tomato.

2. The stuffed tomatoes can be garnished with grated paneer, spring onion cuts, raisins, or even cashews.

A cute quote from one of my blogger friends (Spusht)

"Knowledge is knowing Tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad :)