April 7, 2012

Wiltons Cake Decorating Class

              Its time to share what I was doing for the past whole month. Since I got busy now on weekdays (due to my job, obviously) all I am left are only weekends to write new posts. And when it gets to weekend my body joints start yelling at me and ask me not to do any work. Precisely I get too lazy. But my love towards my blog gets my hands working and I get motivated to write something.

Well for the last month I did not post any thing. And that's only because I was busy even on weekend. It was Wilton's Cake Decorating Class. Oh man it was fun learning experience. And I am going to share it here.

Many of you might have already taken this class , heard about it or are right now wondering who is Wilton....!!!  :) Well lets start with it then.

Wilton is a number one Cake Decorating company. They are the best in cake baking, cake decorating supplies and ideas. They conduct these classes in many of the local stores. The classes are programmed by Wilton and the instructor is trained and asked to follow the process that's is set by Wilton.

What will you learn ?

Basically Wilton cake decorating classes come in 4 levels. It goes from basics to advanced. First one being basic, here you will learn
  • tips to perfectly bake your cake, techniques to store cake, how to cut cake
  • how to make icing, what are different consistencies for icing and what to use when
  • make different flowers, make leaves, rose flower, using the most popular star tip and what all we can do with it, borders
  • decorating cupcakes
  • drawing pictures on your cake, writing on the cake (use of piping gel for this)
Isn't that enough for a newbie like me. The stuff you learn in basics class is not hard and can be learnt easily at home. But then who will motivate you to do this at home :) :). I know there are hand full of girls out there who can do this at home as well but it was  sheer fun for me to go there, look at other's decorations, their creations and then of course the value able tips that you get from the instructor.

How can one learn at home ?

I said this can be done at home because each class comes with a kit and a plan book. Kit is where you find all the tool you need and book is where you get to read all the instructions and then its easy...

Where are these classes conducted ?

Search for these classes in any of the local craft store. Here at my place these are conducted by Joann and Michaels.

Tips for purchasing the supplies and enrolling in the class ?

All these craft stores have a huge coupon program. Some things you should do if you want to enroll in the class and also want to save some bucks :)

  • Subscribe for the coupons on the website of these local stores.
  • Go to the store and get the booklet of the classes. Here you might come across the discounts for the classes.
  • On some special days like "Open House" the class could be at half of its price. I was luck to grab this deal.
  • You always get 40 to 50% of coupons and always always use it towards your purchases of supplies. Saves a lot.
  • Find a partner. You can share your tools and help each other during the class.
During the class ?
  • Take pictures and videos for your future reference
  • Take pictures of the cakes decorated by others on the last day. You get to learn a lot from each of them
  • Try to reach to the class at least 10 minutes ahead of time. This is to good seats. :). I never made it :(
  • Ask questions to the instructor
  • Ask questions to your friends out their
  • And Have Fun .............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well here are some pictures from my class....
This one is by me :)

And here are by others.......



  1. woww Sayali the icing on your cake looks so good! such simple but pretty designing.
    i'm sure the class must have been so much fun!
    is there more on cake decorating in upcoming posts? color mixing, what # tips to use for piping, etc?

  2. Very nice post....ur cake and also the other's look pretty.

  3. Beautiful cakes and well decorated. Have fun with the rest of the levels.

  4. Omg, marvellous cakes, well done...Seriously loving the icing on ur cake..

  5. Wow! I'm going to look for a class near me. I got this book online (http://bit.ly/ACeIBn) that was pretty good but it would be great to have some live coaching.

  6. Very Informative post..and the cakes looks awsum..u have a nice space here..glad to follow u ..u can visit me @


  7. Lovely cakes!! Can I grab one, if you don't mind??/ http://youtoocancookindianfood.blogspot.in/
    Happy to follow u

  8. Hope u had gud time in decorating cakes...Glad to be in ur blog

  9. Wow! The cakes look amazing! I'm a sucker for cakes and now I'm simply drooling over my laptop :)

  10. This is really interesting…

  11. Interesting...decoration is so neat n clean....keep posting.

  12. un felice week end per Te...ciao

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  14. Mouthwatering here,

  15. Amazing cakes and very well decorated too :) I love it

  16. God u r all so talented. Glad to have visited ur space dear. :-)

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  18. Nice post! Very briefly you explained all the points about cake decorating class. I love these beautiful cakes and decoration too. Basically, it's a very interesting learn to make cakes for new bakers. Looking forward to see more of your new blogs on cake making & decorating soon.


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